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A collection of all the comics Anna has worked on, had published or sold in comic exhibitions around the capital.

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Don't Feed The Pigeons

In 2013 Anna started working on a graphic novel called Don't Feed The Pigeons, which is a story about 3 fable/human characters living in London trying to make sense of life.
The first two chapters are also published in the Backwards Burd Anthology.

You can read it here;

The comic has had a long break since 2016 but Anna is planning to restart it soon again.


Meanwhile in Finland - To Arms

This is a short story Anna made for the amazing anthology TO ARMS in August 2014.

A collaboration between over 20 illustrators and writers to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WW1.

Meanwhile in Finland...jpg


As Above So Below

This is a short story that was entered in an online competition by Tiny Pencil and the Atlantic Press in 2014.

The title is 'As Above So Below' and it’s all drawn with a soft pencil.


Anna won one of the random prizes for originality.

You can read more at;

as above so below.jpg


Ill Trades

When Anna graduated 2012, one of her final projects was a Graphic Novel based on a short story by Stephen King.


She graduated with Distinction.

All the images are hand drawn in ink and coloured in with Photoshop.

puking jane-c.jpg
no teeth-c.jpg



Super Zombie Fun Time

All through 2014 Anna was drawing zombie puns every week.

These where later added to her comic collection ‘That’s So Random’, which includes many short stories Anna has worked on.

Like Underground stories.

random cover.jpg
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